Stained Glass Panels

There are two methods of creating stained glass panels widely used today. The traditional and original method uses lead came. Colored pieces of glass are cut to form pieces of a pattern, similar in concept, to a jigsaw puzzle. These are then joined together using lead came to form the finished design.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to create a three dimensional design this way. During the 19th century a new method was invented using copper foil and solder. This new method enabled much more flexibility with the design and was found to be suitable for three dimensional designs such as lamp shades which require a curved shape.

Stained Glass Panels are designed to be displayed in a window or against a light colored wall to allow the color and patterns of the glass to be seen. Another effective way of displaying them is to place a light behind the piece.

There is an unlimited number of designs available in every category imaginable. They are all beautiful and delightful to see.

If you are looking for a gift for someone special, you have a huge range of themes and designs to choose from. Anyone receiving a Stained Glass Panel as a gift is certainly going to be pleased with it.

Why not think about giving a Stained Glass Panel to someone this Christmas? They are inexpensive and the sort of gift that keeps on giving for years to come.